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Air Conditioning Centurion

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Welcome to Aircons Centurion the industry experts in domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration. No matter how big or how small your needs are. Aircon Centurion will provide you with a AC System that will suite any size room and budget. Centurion Aircons take great pride in delivering professional Air Conditioning in Centurion. Here at Air Conditioning Centurion aim to please! We continuously strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. Our goals are not only to establish long term business relationships. We also aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients! With over 12 years of collective knowledge and experience in air conditioning and refrigeration.

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DID YOU KNOW: That Aircon Centurion are members of the South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association (SARACCA). South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) and Master Builders Association of South African (MBASA).

On the market today are plenty different types of Split Air Conditioning systems from Mini Split Air Conditioning to Ductless Mini Split and Split Air Conditioners. Split Air Conditioning is basically split into two units. The indoor unit that contains the condenser + compressor. And the Outdoor unit. The main difference between a Split System and a packaged system is this. Packaged systems are made up of only one unit which houses the evaporator, compressor and condenser. While the Split system is made up of two parts, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

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Aircon Installations

Aircon Installations

Aircon Installations Centurion : No matter what cooling or air conditioning system you want installed, we will install it. Our qualified Air Conditioning Installers are well trained with years of experience. They do Split Aircon Installations. Central Aircon Installations. Ductless Aircon Installations. Window Mounted Aircon Installations. Wall Mounted Aircon Installations. VRF System Installations. Roof Top Package Installations and Cassette Aircon Installations. Weather you want a Samsung AC Installation or a Midea AC Installation. Alliance AC Installation. Jet-Air AC Installation. TCL AC Installation. LG AC Installation or Hitachi AC Installation.

Aircon Repairs

Aircon Repairs

Aircon Repairs Centurion — Is your air conditioning system showing you any of these signs? Blowing warm air, only? Compressor is not working? Very little or no air blows out from the vents? Strange loud noises coming from inside the unit? You notice funny smells coming from the AC unit when you switch it on? Problems with your air conditioning system breaking down more frequently? Water leaks and gas leaks? These are the top ten signs your aircon needs repairs. At Aircon Repairs Centurion, we have years of experience. Fixing all kinds of air conditioning systems. Leave it in our hands whatever we cannot fix; we will replace.


Alberton Air Conditioning Systems

Window Mounted Air Conditioning Centurion

Window Mounted Aircons

The Window Mounted Air Conditioning Centurion is non obtrusive. Operates quietly, and delivers clean air to any reasonably sized room in your home or office. Window Mounted Air Conditioning in Centurion are fully contained within a cabinet. Mounted in a cavity in a wall or window opening. This allows for effective distribution of clean air to space. While expelling heat from the condenser. If properly configured, the Window Mounted Aircon Centurion can provide warm and cool air. All Centurion Window Mounted Air Conditioning systems can remove moisture from the air. Dust filters that ensure removal of airborne dust particles. A wireless remote control provides access to the many functions and settings. The Window Air Conditioning system requires a window opening or wall cavity. On an outside wall to ensure the condenser gets rid of the heated air. The osculating vanes will circulate air within the room side to side as well as up and down.

Evaporative Cooler Centurion

Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooler Centurion – Searching for an environmentally friendly and affordable cooling system than an Evaporative Cooler in Centurion. This might be the best solution for you. An evaporative cooler is an air conditioning system that cools your home. By evaporating warm air from the outside and pushing the cool air into your home. The Evaporative Cooler system has several parts, this includes. Duct work for air distribution. With outlets in the rooms. With the evaporative cooler mounted on the roof. An Evaporative Cooling system uses evaporation to efficiently reduce the temperature. Of your inside air. It has a water reservoir, a fan, and a thick pad with some additional items. Warm air moves into the evaporative cooling system and travels through the pads. The pads absorb water from the reservoir. This causes the air temperature inside the system to drop. Fans then blow the cool air through the system.

Split Air Conditioning Alberton

Split Aircons

Split Air Conditioning Alberton consists of an indoor unit with a fan and evaporator coil. And an outside unit with a condenser and compressor. You get four main types of Split Air Conditioning in Alberton which are Multi-head Split systems. Wall Mounted Split Systems. Single room split systems and in-ceiling cassette systems. Alberton Split Air Conditioning is available for home or office without any ductwork. They are an ideal choice for their heating and cooling features. You can choose from 9000, 12000, 18000 and 24000 BTU inverter or non-inverter models. The more modern Split Aircons in Alberton come with remote control. To adjust your temperatures. They also provide warm air for those winter months and cool air for those summer days. You can also choose from inverter units, which are older units that use more electricity. Or non-inverter units which use less electricity. From the way the system regulates the temperature in the room.

VRF Air Conditioning

VRF Air Conditioning CenturionA VRF Air Conditioning Centurion system brings clean quality conditioned air. T office complexes or buildings. It’s mainly used in multi-level buildings, hotels, and hospitals. Centurion VRF Aircons mean Variable Refrigerant Flow which regulates refrigerant flow. According to the amount of people within the given space. The VRF AC Centurion system consists of one or many. Indoor units and the outdoor unit which provides consistent heated or cooled air. By varying the refrigerant. The outdoor unit serves one or many indoor units. The most important component the Digital Thermal Expansion Valve. Or DTE, which senses refrigerant gas temperature within the circuit.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning CenturionDucted Air Conditioning Centurion consists of a heat exchanger located outside. With ducts constructed from flexible cylindrical tubes hidden from plain sight. Located in ceiling voids. Also, commonly called Channel Air Conditioning or Central Air Conditioning. This is most often noticed in massive or older buildings and is a preferred system. Centurion Ducted Aircons in ceiling voids have the advantage. Of delivering clean air to many rooms throughout a building. Pushing air through ducts and each room or zone adjusted independently. Ducted AC Centurion is by far cleaner. Quieter and still the best way of distributing clean air.

Ceiling Air Conditioning

Ceiling Air Conditioning CenturionThe Ceiling Air Conditioning Centurion is a powerful system. It provides fresh, heated or cooled air to homes, offices, retail centers, and other buildings. Ceiling Mounted Cassette Aircons Centurion consist of an outdoor unit and are non-obtrusive. Which is a powerful direct current compressor and indoor unit. This Under Ceiling Air Conditioner is mainly noticed in open-plan offices. With suspended ceilings. The Centurion Cassette AC system replaces four split systems and starts at 16 000 BTU and ends at 48 000 BTU. Choosing the best ceiling-mounted cassette system will depend on many factors. Like the function of the building or office space.

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